Steven Wilson loves Italy… maybe too much?
Composer and producer Steven Wilson, who’s leading a successful solo career since 2010, when he put his main project Porcupine Tree on hold, has just [...]
City of Ships – New track from the upcoming album and Euro-tour with Junius
Who are City of Ships? A semi-unknown band from the United States, who released 2 records in 2009 and 2011, and are going to issue a third one in a few [...]
Francesco conquers Europe with Tony and Jeff!
This post goes out to our friend Francesco “Frullo” La Rosa who is on tour with M:Pire of Evil , that’s Sir Tony Dolan and Sir Jeff [...]
Full streaming: Beardfish’s new album
The extraordinary Swedish prog-rock outfit Beardfish have just released their 8th full-length record, oddly called “-4626 – Comfortzone”. [...]
New Riverside album update
Polish progressive rock band have released via their facebook page a long statement about their work in progress on a new full-length record, scheduled for [...]
Steven Wilson – US/Canada dates added
A second US/Canada leg for the “Hand Cannot Erase” Steven Wilson’s tour has just been added. Click here for a full listing of dates and [...]
Outbreak breaks out!
That’s it! Outbreak Music had to kick off sooner or later, and that’s the moment. We – the duo behind this project – will fulfill [...]
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